Guidelines for leaders and walkers

* We ask anyone intending on going on a club walk to register either on the WhatsApp poll or by contacting the leader.

* Guest walkers must contact the leader in advance.

* By signing up, the leader knows who to expect and they can arrange to have a second leader if necessary. The leader will also be able to provide information about car parking and other walk details.

* Any changes to the walk (meeting point, weather updates etc) will normally be put on WhatsApp.

* The leader is responsible for making the final decision about any walk as they are familiar with the terrain.


The weather in Ireland is very changeable and there are local variations. Met Eireann uses a colour coded warning system

* Red - This indicates an extremely dangerous/destructive weather event. In the case of a red warning, walks should be cancelled.

* Orange - This warning indicates a weather event that is dangerous or disruptive. In the case of an orange warning. Walks should be cancelled.

* Yellow - This warning indicates localised danger. Extra caution is required during a yellow warning.

We would recommend that coastal walks or walks on high or exposed ground should be cancelled.

Ideally, if a walk is being cancelled for any reason, notice of the cancellation will be done the night before.

If the walk is cancelled on the day of the walk, there is the risk that people will have already started to travel to the starting point.

General Information

* Please be aware that walking can be a hazardous activity.

* For your own safety, and that of others, please familiarise yourself with our safety guidelines.

* NO BOOTS, NO WALK is our policy for your comfort and safety.

* Your safety is your own responsibility irrespective of other club members and leaders.

* Be properly equipped and have sufficient food and drink.

* Consider your fitness for the walk - ask your walk leader for advice in advance (see walk schedule for contact details).

* If you have doubts about your health and fitness, you should consult your doctor before joining a walking club.

* Stay with the group and follow the leader's instructions. Do not leave the group without informing the leader.

* Dogs are not allowed on any club walk.